World Series of Mahjong 2007
World Series of Mahjong 2007
WSOM 2007
WSOM 2007
Date June 15-17, 2007
Location cn.png Macau, China
Rules Zung Jung
Sessions Unknown
Players 270 players
Teams N/A
Registration 5,000 USD

Hearing the first "World Mahjong Contest" in 2007, June 15-17, held off Wynn Macau, the organizers of the world's Mahjong Contest. Organizers said participants, with the exception of Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and the mainland areas such as the Chinese mahjong players enrolled in other regions, including Japan, the United States, Britain, Denmark, the Philippines and Malaysia are not lacking in experienced players to participate in mahjong. Chinese regions on a single play mahjong, there are many different ways, the competition to 13, commonly known as the rules of the game, the prize money of 1,000,000 U.S. dollars prize money. Organizers of the total prize money will be directly and 1,000,000 U.S. dollars deposited in full with the Wynn Macau in a joint bank account.

June 17 evening, the semi-finals before the results came out, in the June 18 game in the final by the retired designer Xu Li won 500,000 U.S. dollars prize money, the second for the Department of Justice, Taiwan and the star group together Yu Xiaoping's race to win the third place, received 80,000 U.S. dollars, the fourth named Xie Zhi Cong.

Yu Xiaoping in a CNN said the mother during pregnancy often playing cards, often after the birth of the grandmother to take care of them, watching their elders play cards in the process, CNN "gambling family" to describe Yu Xiaoping's family background.


  • Taiwan's "Star delegation" from the game show "Extreme baccarat" host Hsu Nai-lin, PAN Hui served as head of the race in Australia before holding the "Mahjong World Championship semi-finals before the delegation PK-Star game," as the winner Yu Xiaoping, Li Fang-wen, Ma Li, Bao Ma.
  • China's Tong Fei on behalf of, the licensing age of 24 years, is a surgeon, the hospital has a master's degree in management, as early as his 12-year-old beginning to learn to play mahjong places, to 28 years old when the study began international mahjong. In that 24 years of mahjong career, he participated in the mahjong game at home and abroad, and China as a popular online game, "San Queyi network," the spokesman, Da Bian China and the West. At present, he served as a number of domestic Chairman of the Institute of mahjong, such as the China Mahjong Federation Chairman of the Department of the network, Ningbo Mahjong Mahjong Athletic Association and executive director of the League of Vice-President, and so on. He also were to individuals and groups to participate in the name of more than 12 domestic and foreign international standards mahjong game, ranked the top three in each case, for example, the third in 2003 of the National Athletic Championship Mahjong Japan, in 2003 Japan Mahjong Games National Championship, the 2004 Games Mahjong tianjin King of the National Cup runners-up teams in 2003 and the Sino-Japanese competition mahjong elite group match group runners-up, and so on.
  • Britain's representative of the Manlee Wan, a license for more than five years age, he was brought up to focus on the study of poker (Hong Kong, said poker) statistics, economics and psychology. In the poker table, Manlee has won more than 500,000 U.S. dollars, with an average 230 U.S. dollars per hour will be able to win. He knew that his own experience of mahjong at the same level other than the little master, but he was confident that the true understanding of Mahjong, with statistics and to know your opponent's mental state is the key to success. He said: "mahjong and poker have a lot in common, participate in the poker game with accumulated experience, will be able to" Mahjong World Championship "to cope with more than Zhuo Zhuo obtained. "Manlee in the hope that this can mahjong contest to win a prize, in the future as a tourist and enjoy life.
  • Taiwan's representative Lin Mao, a license for more than 50 years of age, 86 years old, very fond of playing mahjong, in particular, at 13 card game in more than 50 years of his career playing mahjong had to beat a lot of young players mahjong. Every day he would mahjongg compare notes with friends, and of different ages and backgrounds master card art competition. Lin said that he was more than 30-year-old learned to play cards: "At first I was just 'neighbors' San Queyi were invited to" help "and then every few days they will find me playing cards, so every day! The habit of playing mahjong has remained to this day "
  • Japan's representative, Yokoyama Hong-ming, has more than 10 years of experience in playing mahjong. She's young representative of the Japan Association of Mahjong tournament to participate in domestic and regional, are among the best every time. Since graduating from college, to join the workforce and out of love for Hong rally Mahjong is increasing, she said: "The university, like every day after school friends and I arrived at the Institute of mahjong with other widely mahjong fans Mahjong school skills. The most memorable, that is, at the same time meet the needs of semester exams and organized by the Institute of mahjong games, I made a serious lack of sleep. Spite of how hard life, I will continue to adhere to the mahjong! "Now out of Hong whenever their spare time Mahjong will be to learn to play mahjong and around the world to participate in the mahjong game.
  • The United States on behalf of the players, Anthony Baerlocher, office slot machines manufacturer, he has more than 10 years of the "age card." Because the working relationship, or whether he will be more than free to study a wide range of rules of mahjong, Anthony Xiaoyan: "As early as 10 years ago when I was in Japan when the work began to learn to play mahjong, then just bought a pair of Mahjong and the entry of several books, learned about their friends learned to play under. "Participated in the first" World Mahjong Contest ", Anthony said that it was not because he is white and that it would be more competition with the Chinese lose out:" I am proficient Statistics and data analysis from the perspective of probability can accurately predict the hands of the opponent's license, he needed only a license and license will be "washed out." He confidently said: "I would like to make each of the participants were eliminated one by one!"
  • China on behalf of the players, Song Ping, about 10 years ago at home and abroad to participate in the competitive mahjong game, with dozens of competition experience she had in the 1999 National Games mahjong game, in 2001 and 2003 National Games Mahjong Classic , 2005, Qingdao Sino-Japanese mahjong competitive race to win. Last year, she should be CCTV's invitation for a special presentation of Mahjong as a spokesman for the television program, in a program to explore the origin and development of mahjong. Since the show aired, she received a mahjong lovers all over the country's large number of calls and letters from being a great encouragement: "As a mahjong lovers, for the development of mahjong to do something, I am proud!" She wishes to see a combination of mahjong with many years of experience in theory and practice to defeat the opponent and to play mahjong!


1 Hui Chung Lai Hong Kong 500,000
2 Lau Lai Fun Hong Kong 150,000
3 Yu Chieh Ling Taiwan 80,000
4 Tse Chi Chung Hong Kong 50,000
5 Lai Wai Yiu Hong Kong 15,000
6 Hansen Niels Torben Denmark 15,000
7 Wong Chi Chun Hong Kong 15,000
8 Chen Ji En China 15,000
9 Chen Cheng Cheng Macau 10,000
10 Yiu Men Fung Hong Kong 10,000
11 Sin Chi Kit Hong Kong 10,000
12 Lu Ke China 10,000
13 Chung Yuet Wan China 10,000
14 Li Wen Long China 10,000
15 Zhu Jian Ming Hong Kong 10,000
16 Kwong Yuen Ching Cora China 10,000
17 Song Ping China 5,000
18 Chiu Yin Tung Hong Kong 5,000
19 Li Yong Chuan China 5,000
20 Hsu Nai Lin Taiwan 5,000
21 Leung Yee Fong China 5,000
22 Hung Sai Choi Hong Kong 5,000
23 Yu Lai Chi Hong Kong 5,000
24 Tung Man Kit Anthony China 5,000
25 Cui Jian China 5,000
26 Tsui Rosetta Hong Kong 5,000
27 Feng Zhi Bin China 5,000
28 Jing Lin Hui China 5,000
29 Yu Shurong China 5,000
30 Tong Kam Wing Hong Kong 5,000
31 Wong Kam Wah Hong Kong 5,000
32 Law Ka Lok Hong Kong 5,000

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