World Series Of Mahjong

World Series of Mahjong or WSOM is an annual event which has been held in Macau for the past three years. The rules have been adapted by the Zung Jung scoring system. The prize money of $1 million USD is paid out to the top 32 players. After the first World Series, a Riichi tournament has been featured as a prologue to the main event.

WSOM 2007

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Hearing the first "World Mahjong Contest" in 2007, June 15-17, held at Wynn Macau, the organizers of the world's Mahjong Contest. Organizers said participants, with the exception of Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and the mainland areas such as the Chinese mahjong players enrolled in other regions, including Japan, the United States, Britain, Denmark, the Philippines and Malaysia are not lacking in experienced players to participate in mahjong.

WSOM 2008

Between September 18th through the 21st over 300 competing players participated in WSOM 2008, hosted at the Wynn Macau hotel and casino. The tournament featured two events: a $1000-buy in Riichi event which took place the first day. The main event followed the next two days.

WSOM 2009/2010

The third annual tournament set for 2009 was postponed and re-scheduled for 2010. It will be held from August 19-22 at the Venetian Macau Resort Hotel, which is said to be hosting the tournament for the next three years. The buy-in for the Riichi event will be $1000 USD. The entry for the main event will be MOP$5200 (US$650) with an entry fee of MOP$520 (US$65).

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