Open Hungarian Mahjong Championship Online
Open Hungarian Mahjong Championship
OHMC 2009 banner
OHMC 2009 banner
Date March 1-2, 2008
Feb 14-15, 2009
Location mtfavico.jpg Online
Rules Chinese Official
Sessions 6 rounds
Players 64 players 2008
52 players 2009
Teams N/A
Registration $25 (Full)
$12.50 (Member)

Open Hungarian Mahjong Championship (OHMC) Online is an annual tournament started in 2008, hosted by Mahjong Time, using Chinese Official rules. Three 1.5 hour rounds were played across two days with three rounds on the first and three on the second.

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The tournament was weighted at 1 MORSE point. The top three players received trophies; the top player also received a gold plated tile; the top Hungarian player received a trophy.

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