Thirteen Orphans

Thirteen Orphans (十三么)is a limit hand that consists of one of each terminal and honor tile. The fourteenth tile can be any other terminal or honor tile. All tiles must be self-drawn except for the last tile. If the wait is on all thirteen possible tiles, the hand is pure, otherwise, the hand is impure.

A concealed kong can be robbed to form a thirteen orphans hand.


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concealed any

Chinese Official

Does not combine with: All Types


  • CC: Limit
  • CO: 88 points
  • JM: Yakuman (Impure), Double Yakuman (Pure)
  • HK: 64 fan
  • ZJ: 320 points

Also known as

  • Thirteen Unique Wonders
  • JM: All Crap, Koku Shimusou [国士無双]
  • ZJ: Thirteen Terminals
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