Template:Rules Gameplay
Name of the rules: Overview Gameplay Scoring Penalties & Errors

A bit of an intro schpeel for the rules goes here. Objective of the game ideally fits here. The gameplay template should be flexible; additional headers and sub-headers should be added as seen fit.


Description of a normal turn. Most rules include how to:

  • Replace flowers, hua
  • Chow, sheung, chi
  • Pung, pon
  • Kong, kan
    • Concealed
    • Small Melded
  • Out, sik, hu, mahjong

Additional Rule 1

Riichi, yakitori rule, jokers, etc.

Additional Rule 2

Your text here.

Post Hand

Your text here. Description on how to handle winning and draws.

Post Round

Your text here. Description of seat changes.

Post Game

Your text here. Description on the aftermath.


Onto Scoring.

Rules Overview Page is broken down into two main sections. This can be seen as: background (history, development, etc.) of the rules and the preliminary steps taken before the actual game starts.

Rules Gameplay Page delves into the instruction of the game mechanics from the first discard up until a winner or draw is declared.

Rules Scoring Page breaks down the payout procedure, initial points, limits, and scoring elements.

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