Suits are the numbered tiles in a mahjong set. Unlike a deck of cards, mahjong only has three suits: bamboos, characters, and dots and are numbered 1 through 9. There are four of each suit tile making a total of 108 tiles. Suit tiles have the most flexibility since they can be chowed, punged, konged, or paired.


Bamboo suit

These are the bamboo tiles, one through nine. In most sets, 1-bamboo looks like a bird, but some sets use a 1-bamboo that has just one green bamboo stick. May also be known as sticks or bams.


Character suit

The character tiles sport the character wan or ten thousand. May also be known as cracks.


Dot suit

The dots represents copper coins. May also be known as coins or balls.


A subset of the suits are simple and terminal tiles. Tiles numbered 1 or 9 are called terminal tiles, as they are at then end of the numbered spectrum. Tiles 2 through 8 are called simples.

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