Method 1

Before the tiles are shuffled and the wall is built, each player sits down arbitrarily at the table. Set aside one of each wind tile, an even, and an odd numbered tile. Shuffle the wind tiles face down and arranged them sandwiched in between the odd and even tile as seen below.

b1.gif z1.gif z1.gif z1.gif z1.gif b2.gif
Random wind tiles face down

Any arbitrary player rolls two dice and counts off, starting with him/herself as one, the next player as two, etc. continuing counterclockwise.

Temporary East player rolls a 7.

The indicated player (temporary West), then rolls the dice once more noting both the total and if the total is an even or odd number. In this case the total is 3 and the number is odd.

Temporary West casts the dice

This will determine who draws first and from which side. Again, he/she counts off starting with him/herself.

b1.gif w2.gif w4.gif w1.gif w3.gif b2.gif
Wind tiles face up for illustration purposes.

Since the number is odd in this example, the indicated player, temporary East, draws the face down wind tile closest to the odd-numbered tile (in this case it is the south wind tile). The next player, temporary South, in turn draws the next wind tile (north), and so on (east and last west). The wind tile drawn is your seat wind. The player who is east remains stationary while the other players arranges themselves accordingly. Shuffle up all of tiles and build the wall.

Method 2

All the players seat themselves arbitrarily around the table. One player takes one of each wind tile and shuffles them, then builds one high stack out of the tiles, four tiles high. A player then rolls two dice and adds the numbers shown. This player then counts off each player (starting with himself as number one) in a counter-clockwise fashion until he reaches the sum. The indicated player takes the top tile in the stack, the next player counterclockwise takes the next tile, and so on. The player who draws east keeps his seat, while the other players change seats according to the image above.

Seating by Simple Randomization

If you don't want to deal with the hassle of simple addition and counting, here are a few alternative ways to choose seating.


Roll for positions. Highest roller gets east, second highest south, etc.

Wind Tiles

Shuffle the wind tiles face down and have each player take one. The wind chosen is their seat wind.

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