Genre Sport
Author Ritz Kobayashi
Publisher jp.png Square Enix
Demographic Seinen
Magazine Young Gangan
Original run June 2006 — ongoing
Volumes 6
TV Anime
Director Manabu Ono
Studio jp.png Gonzo,Picture Magic
Network jp.png TV Tokyo
Original Run April 6, 2009 -
September 28, 2009
Episodes 25

Saki (咲) is a Japanese manga written by Ritz Kobayashi about Japanese Riichi mahjong. The manga has been serialized by Square Enix and has been adapated into a 25-episode anime series by Gonzo.


First year student, Saki Miyanaga hesitantly plays mahjong at her high school’s Kiyosumi Mahjong Club, purposely scoring zero each game as not to offend anyone. The club members recognize her potential and try to get her to break her habit of scoring zero and play competitively. All the while, Saki develops a friendship with renowned online player Nodoka Haramuda, whom together make a pact to go to the nationals.


Kiyosumi Mahjong Club
Saki Miyanaga (宮永 咲 Miyanaga Saki)

  • Voiced by: Kana Ueda

A first year student who plays defensively and strives to score zero points. She picked up this style of playing after constantly winning and thereafter berated during family games. Saki has an uncanny ability to win after declaring a kong (rinchan kaihou 嶺上開花).

Nodoka Haramura (原村 和 Haramura Nodoka)

  • Voiced by: Ami Koshimizu

First year student Nodoka holds the title of Middle School National Champion. Playing online mahjong under the alias “Nodocchi”, Nodoka is a pragmatic, calculated player. Off line she plays with her toy penguin to make her feel more comfortable with live opponents.

Yūki Kataoka (片岡 優希 Kataoka Yūki)

  • Voiced by: Rie Kugimiya

Yuki is a first year student who is friends with Nodoka since middle school. She excels during the East round only as her focus wanes. Her favorite food is tacos which also improves her gameplay.

Hisa Takei (竹井 久 Takei Hisa)

  • Voiced by: Shizuka Itō

President of the Kiyosumi Mahjong Club as well as in student government. As a third year student she is the senior most member of the club. Her ability to recognize her team members’ areas of improvement helps define her as a leader. She plays mahjong in unorthodox fashion by foregoing favorable odds for small ones. Hisa once went by the name of Ueno.

Mako Someya (染谷 まこ Someya Mako)
Voiced by: Ryoko Shiraishi
A second year student who is one of the founding members of the school’s mahjong club. Her family owns a café which used to be a mahjong parlor. Removing her glasses while playing mahjong, she is able to recall the many scenarios during the course of the game.

Kyōtarō Suga (須賀 京太郎 Suga Kyōtarō)

  • Voiced by: Jun Fukuyama

Kyotaro is the only male member of the club. First year student and friend of Saki, he was the one who introduced her to the club. He has a crush on Nodoka and plays a comedic relief roll.

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