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WSOM features 44 scoring patterns any of which will be eligible for a winning hand. There is less emphasis on concealed hands and waits.

Initial Points

As these rules are based on tournament play there are no initial starting points. If you are playing casually everyone can start arbitrarily with 500 points. A hand composed of multiple patterns will be limited to 320 points. This is known as a compound limit hand. Any hand pattern that listed and scored above 320 (e.g. Four Kong, Big Four Winds) is scored at that face value with no other patterns. This is called a listed limit hand.


The winning player adds up the value of his hand, then the other players may check and verify. The other players need not assist the winner in calculating the value of his hand if it is underscored. Chicken hands are not permitted as a minimum of five points is needed to call a win (i.e. any hand pattern).

If two players call for the same winning tile, the player closest to the discarded in turn takes precedence.

Additive Rule

If the winning hand contains multiple patterns you can count all patterns even if one implies another, provided that they belong to a different series. For example Four Concealed Triplets is scored at 125 + 30 (All Triplets) + 5 (Concealed Hand).

You cannot count multiple patterns within the same series. For example, Four Kong cannot be combined with Three Kong, Two Kong, etc. Value Honor is the only exception to this rule.

Same Turn Immunity

To prevent "targeting" specific players, if the winner claims the winning tile off of Player A, in which a previous Player B discarded the same tile that same go around, the player responsible would be Player B. In other words, the player who first discarded the wining tile in the same turn will be considered responsible. If the winner discarded the tile, in this case, it is considered a self-draw win.


In general the winning player will receive three times the value of his hand. The payment by the losing players is determined by how the winning player has won.

  • Win by Self-drawn: Each player pays the winning player the value of the winning hand.
  • Win by Discard: Each player pays the winning player the value of the winning hand in the case of hands less than or equal to 25 points. In case the value of the hand is worth more than 25 points, each player pays the winner 25 points and the discarding player pays the rest.


  • Player A wins by self-draw where the value of his hand is worth $X$. The other three players pay Player A $X$ each.
  • Player A wins by discard from Player B. The value of the hand is worth $X$, where $X > 25$. Players C and D pay 25 each. Player B pays the difference i.e. $[(3X - (25 \times 2)]$.
  • Player A wins by discard from Player B. The value of the hand is worth $X$, where $X \leq 25$. The other three players, including Player B, pays Player A $X$ each.

In all three examples above Player A earns a total of $3X$.

Scoring Table (Zung Jung v3.3)

Trivial Patterns
# Hand Value Description
1.1 All Sequences (平和) 5 Hand contains four sequences.
b1.gifb2.gifb3.gif b3.gifb4.gifb5.gif d2.gifd3.gifd4.gif d6.gifd7.gifd8.gif e2.gife2.gif
1.2 Concealed Hand (門前清) 5 A concealed hand. Concealed kongs are okay. Winning on a discards is okay.
1.3 No Terminals (斷么九) 5 Hand consists of simple tiles.
b2.gifb2.gifb2.gif c3.gifc4.gifc5.gif c4.gifc5.gifc6.gif d8.gifd8.gifd8.gif d2.gifd2.gif
One-Suit Patterns
2.1.1 Mixed One-Suit (混一色) 40 Half flush. Hand contains one suit and honor tiles.
d3.gifd3.gifd3.gif d4.gifd5.gifd6.gif d8.gifd8.gifd8.gif e3.gife3.gife3.gif w4.gifw4.gif
2.1.2 Pure One-Suit (清一色) 80 Full flush. Hand contains one suit.
b2.gifb2.gifb2.gif b2.gifb3.gifb4.gif b4.gifb5.gifb6.gif b8.gifb8.gifb8.gif b9.gifb9.gif
2.2 Nine Gates (九蓮寶燈) 480 Hand contains 1112345678999 of one suit.
c1.gifc1.gifc1.gif c1.gifc2.gifc3.gif c4.gifc5.gifc6.gif c7.gifc8.gifc9.gif c9.gifc9.gif
3.1 Value Honor (番牌) 10 A pung/kong of seat winds or dragons. (Can be counted more than once).
3.2.1 Small Three Dragons (小三元) 40 Two pung/kong of dragons and a pair of dragons. (Scores at least 60)
3.2.2 Big Three Dragons (大三元) 130 Three pung/kong of dragons. (Scores at least 160)
3.3.1 Small Three Winds (小三風) 30 Two pung/kong of winds and a pair of winds.
w1.gifw1.gifw1.gif w2.gifw2.gifw2.gif w3.gifw3.gif
3.3.2 Big Three Winds (大三風) 120 Three pung/kong of winds.
w1.gifw1.gifw1.gif w2.gifw2.gifw2.gif w3.gifw3.gifw3.gif
3.3.3 Small Four Winds (小四喜) 320 Three pung/kong of winds and a pair of winds.
w1.gifw1.gifw1.gif w2.gifw2.gifw2.gif w3.gifw3.gifw3.gif w4.gifw4.gif
3.3.4 Big Four Winds (大四喜) 400 Four pung/kong of winds.
w1.gifw1.gifw1.gif w2.gifw2.gifw2.gif w3.gifw3.gifw3.gif w4.gifw4.gifw4.gif
3.4 All Honors (字一色) 320 Hand consists of honor tiles.
Triplets and Kong
4.1 All Triplets (對對和) 30 All Pungs/kong.
d3.gifd3.gifd3.gif b4.gifb4.gifb4.gif d8.gifd8.gifd8.gif e3.gife3.gife3.gif w4.gifw4.gif
4.2.1 Two Concealed Triplets (二暗刻) 5 Hand contains two concealed pungs/kong.
z1.gifz1.gifz1.gif z1.gifz1.gifz1.gif
4.2.2 Three Concealed Triplets (三暗刻) 30 Hand contains three concealed triplets/kong.
z1.gifz1.gifz1.gif z1.gifz1.gifz1.gif z1.gifz1.gifz1.gif
4.2.3 Four Concealed Triplets (四暗刻) 125 Hand contains four concealed triplets/kong.
z1.gifz1.gifz1.gif z1.gifz1.gifz1.gif z1.gifz1.gifz1.gif z1.gifz1.gifz1.gif
4.3.1 One Kong (一槓) 5 Hand contains one kong (maybe concealed or open)
4.3.2 Two Kong (二槓) 20 Hand contains two kong.
b2.gifb2.gifb2.gifb2.gif b5.gifb5.gifb5.gifb5.gif
4.3.3 Three Kong (三槓) 120 Hand contains three kong.
b2.gifb2.gifb2.gifb2.gif b5.gifb5.gifb5.gifb5.gif c7.gifc7.gifc7.gifc7.gif
4.3.4 Four Kong (四槓) 480 Hand contains four kong.
b2.gifb2.gifb2.gifb2.gif b5.gifb5.gifb5.gifb5.gif c7.gifc7.gifc7.gifc7.gif e1.gife1.gife1.gife1.gif d4.gifd4.gif
Identical Sets
5.1.1 Two Identical Sequences (一般高) 10 Two sequences of the same suit and numbers.
5.1.2 Two Identical Sequences Twice (兩般高) 60 Two sets of two identical sequences.
b3.gifb4.gifb5.gifb3.gifb4.gifb5.gif d7.gifd8.gifd9.gifd7.gifd8.gifd9.gif
5.1.3 Three Identical Sequences (一色三同順) 120 Three sequences of the same suit and numbers.
b5.gifb6.gifb7.gif b5.gifb6.gifb7.gif b5.gifb6.gifb7.gif
5.1.4 Four Identical Sequences (一色四同順) 480 Four sequences of the same suit and numbers.
b5.gifb6.gifb7.gifb5.gifb6.gifb7.gif b5.gifb6.gifb7.gif b5.gifb6.gifb7.gif
Similar Sets
6.1 Three Similar Sequences (三色同順) 35 Three sequences of the same numbers across three different suits.
b5.gifb6.gifb7.gif c5.gifc6.gifc7.gif d5.gifd6.gifd7.gif
6.2.1 Small Three Similar Triplets (三色小同刻) 30 Two pungs/kong of the same numbers across two different suits and a pair of the same number in the third suit.
b4.gifb4.gifb4.gif c4.gifc4.gifc4.gif d4.gifd4.gif
6.2.2 Three Similar Triplets (三色同刻) 120 Three pungs/kong of the same number across three different suits.
b4.gifb4.gifb4.gif c4.gifc4.gifc4.gif d4.gifd4.gifd4.gif
Consecutive Sets
7.1 Nine Tile Straight (一氣通貫) 40 Three sequences of one suit making 123, 456, and 789.
b1.gifb2.gifb3.gif b4.gifb5.gifb6.gif b7.gifb8.gifb9.gif
7.2.1 Three Consecutive Triplets (三連刻) 100 Three pungs/kong of consecutive numbers in one suit.
b1.gifb1.gifb1.gif b2.gifb2.gifb2.gif b3.gifb3.gifb3.gif
7.2.2 Four Consecutive Triplets (四連刻) 200 Four pungs/kong of consecutive numbers in one suit.
b1.gifb1.gifb1.gif b2.gifb2.gifb2.gif b3.gifb3.gifb3.gif b4.gifb4.gifb4.gif
8.1.1 Mixed Lesser Terminals (混全帶么) 40 Hand consisting of each set and pair containing a terminal or honor tile.
b1.gifb2.gifb3.gif c7.gifc8.gifc9.gif b9.gifb9.gifb9.gif e1.gife1.gife1.gif d1.gifd1.gif
8.1.2 Pure Lesser Terminals (純全帶么) 50 Hand consisting of each set and pair containing a terminal tile.
b1.gifb2.gifb3.gif c7.gifc8.gifc9.gif b9.gifb9.gifb9.gif d9.gifd9.gifd9.gif d1.gifd1.gif
8.1.3 Mixed Greater Terminals (混么九) 100 An All Triplets or Seven Pairs hand which consists of entirely terminal and honor tiles.
b1.gifb1.gifb1.gif c9.gifc9.gifc9.gif e1.gife1.gife1.gif e2.gife2.gife2.gif d1.gifd1.gif
8.1.4 Pure Greater Terminals (清么九) 400 Hand consists of terminal tiles.
b1.gifb1.gifb1.gif b9.gifb9.gifb9.gif d1.gifd1.gifd1.gif c1.gifc1.gifc1.gif c9.gifc9.gif
9.1.1 Final Draw (海底撈月) 10 Self-draw win on the last tile in the wall.
9.1.2 Final Discard (河底撈魚) 10 Winning on the last discard after the last tile was drawn.
9.2 Win on Kong (嶺上開花) 10 Self-draw win on a replacement tile after declaring a kong.
9.3 Robbing a Kong (搶槓) 10 Winning on a tile used to make a small expose kong.
9.4.1 Blessing of Earth (地和) 155 A non-East player winning on the initial 13-tile hand and winning on East's first discard. Does not count if East makes a concealed kong.
9.4.2 Blessing of Heaven (天和) 155 East winning with the initial 14-tile hand. Does not count if a concealed kong was made.
Irregular Hand
10.1 Thirteen Terminals (十三么九) 160 A hand consists of one of each terminal and honor tile and one additional terminal or honor tile. (Implies 1.2).
b1.gifb9.gifc1.gifc9.gifd1.gifd9.gife1.gife2.gife3.gifw1.gifw2.gifw3.gifw4.gif w4.gif
10.2 Seven Pairs (七對子) 30 Hand consist of seven pairs. (Implies 1.2).
b6.gifb6.gif b9.gifb9.gif c2.gifc2.gif d5.gifd5.gif d7.gifd7.gif e1.gife1.gif e3.gife3.gif

Example 1

Consider the following example. South (南) position .

b6.gifb6.gif c1.gifc2.gifc3.gifc4.gifc5.gifc6.gifc7.gifc8.gif d1.gifd1.gifd1.gif c9.gif
pair waiting on 3-6-9 concealed pung self-drawn
1.2 Concealed Hand 5
7.1 Nine-Tile Straight 40
Total: 45

Since the winning tile was self-drawn, each player would pay 45 (total of 135).

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