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The object of the game is to complete a hand before anyone else using 14 tiles. The hand will consist of four sets and a pair (with the exception of special hands). The number of points — not the number of wins — at the end of the game determines the winner.


This gameplay section assumes you know the basic rules of mahjong.

During the game a player may call to complete any one of the following:

  • Chow: Claimed from the player to your left or for mahjong. One second should be given before exposing the sequence. Once a tile has been discarded or the sequence exposed all other players forfeit the right to pong or kong the tile.
  • Pung: Claimed from any player.
  • Kong: Claimed from any player. A replacement tile is drawn afterward.
  • Concealed and Small Melded Kong: Announced only after drawing a tile (i.e. not after claiming a tile). A replacement tile is drawn afterward. Concealed kongs cannot be robbed.
  • Win: If two players call for the same tile that will complete their hand, the tile goes to the next player in turn.

Arrangement of Tiles

Discards are placed rows of six, from left to right, in front of the respective players' wall.

Tiles claimed are rotated 90 degrees within the set to show which player had discarded it.

Example 1


3-character is claimed from the person to our left. The numbers retain their numerical sequence since it is a given that a tile claimed for a chow is taken from the player's upper seat.

Example 2


5-dot is claimed from the person across from us.

Concealed kongs have two middle tiles face up and two tiles face down.

A concealed kong of 3-dots.

Post Hand

Playing continues until a player wins or until there is a draw (all the tiles have been exhausted). Regardless of if East wins or if there is a draw the deal passes onto the next player.

Post Round

After the round (4 hands) is over players choose new seating.

Post Game

The player with the most points at the end of the game wins.

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