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A winning hand requires at least 2 points before winning. After the hand is won add up all the points that the hand contains.

Initial Points

No initial points are specified.


A winning hand must have at least two points even prior to declaring ready. Points for collecting flowers or certain winning patterns do not count towards the minimum. Sacred discard is also in effect. There are no special payments for the dealer.


The payout to the winner are as follows:
Win by a discarded tile: Only the discarder plays the winner double the winner's final score.
Win by a self-drawn tile: Each player pays the winner the winner’s final score.

Scoring Table

Value Hand Description Pattern
1 All Chows Hand consists of all chows and no honors.
b1.gifb2.gifb3.gif b3.gifb4.gifb5.gif d2.gifd3.gifd4.gif d6.gifd7.gifd8.gif c3.gifc3.gif
1 All Simples Hand consists entirely of simples (cannot be used in combination with all chows towards having a two point minimum hand).
b2.gifb2.gifb2.gif c3.gifc4.gifc5.gif c4.gifc5.gifc6.gif d8.gifd8.gifd8.gif
1 Dragon Pung Hand includes a pung (or kong) of dragons. Terminals/Honors
1 Seat Wind Hand includes a pung (or kong) of the player’s seat wind. Terminals/Honors
1 Concealed Hand Hand includes four concealed sets and is won by discard. Going Out
1 Flower Tile* Each flower tile is worth 1 point. Special
1 Premium Tile* The winning tile and any other identical tiles in your hand add 1 point. Special
1 Ready(Ephe)* Ready and going out on a discard or self-drawn Going Out
2 Fully Concealed Hand Hand consists entirely of concealed sets and is won by self-draw. Going Out
2 All Pungs Hand includes four pungs (or kongs) and a pair.
d3.gifd3.gifd3.gif b4.gifb4.gifb4.gif d8.gifd8.gifd8.gif e3.gife3.gife3.gif w4.gifw4.gif
2 Clear Hand Hand composed entirely of honors and suit tiles of only one suit.
d3.gifd3.gifd3.gif d4.gifd5.gifd6.gif d8.gifd8.gifd8.gif e3.gife3.gife3.gif w4.gifw4.gif
2 Pure Straight Three chows of the numerical sequences from 1-9 of the same suit.
b1.gifb2.gifb3.gif b4.gifb5.gifb6.gif b7.gifb8.gifb9.gif
2 Open Ready (Bulhe)*# Declared ready by self drawing the winning tile and going out on a self-drawn tile, showing only the unmelded sets. Going Out
4 Little Three Dragons Hand includes two pungs of dragons and pair of the third dragon.
e1.gife1.gife1.gif e2.gife2.gife2.gife3.gife3.gif
4 Three Concealed Pungs Hand includes three concealed pungs.
z1.gifz1.gifz1.gif z1.gifz1.gifz1.gif z1.gifz1.gifz1.gif
4 Seven Pairs Concealed hand consisting of seven pairs.
b6.gifb6.gif b9.gifb9.gif c2.gifc2.gif c5.gifc5.gif d5.gifd5.gif d7.gifd7.gif e1.gife1.gif
5 Last Tile Draw* Winning off the Last Tile in wall Going Out
5 Robbing the Kong* Winning off the tile that somebody adds to a melded pung. Going Out
5 Out with Replacement Tile* Winning on the replacement tile drawn after declaring a kong. Going Out
5 Double Riichi Declaring riichi within the first uninterrupted go around. Special
8 Little Four Winds Hand includes three pungs of winds, and a pair of the fourth wind.
w1.gifw1.gifw1.gif w2.gifw2.gifw2.gif w3.gifw3.gifw3.gifw4.gifw4.gif
8 Pure Hand Hand consists entirely of suit tile of the same suit.
b2.gifb2.gifb2.gif b2.gifb3.gifb4.gif b4.gifb5.gifb6.gifb8.gifb8.gifb8.gif b9.gifb9.gif
8 Big Three Dragons Hand includes pungs (or kongs) of all three dragon tiles.
8 All Terminals Hand made with only terminal suit tiles.
b1.gifb1.gifb1.gif b9.gifb9.gifb9.gif d1.gifd1.gifd1.gif c1.gifc1.gifc1.gif c9.gifc9.gif
8 Four concealed Pungs Hand includes four concealed pungs.
z1.gifz1.gifz1.gif z1.gifz1.gifz1.gif z1.gifz1.gifz1.gif z1.gifz1.gifz1.gif
8 All Flowers* Hand contains all four flowers.
8 Moon at the Bottom of the Sea* Win by self-drawn from last tile draw, where the last tile is 1-dot. Going Out
8 Plumb Blossom on the Roof* Win by replacement tile, where the replacement tile is 5-dots. Going Out
12 Big Four Winds Hand includes pungs (or kongs) of all four wind tiles.
w1.gifw1.gifw1.gif w2.gifw2.gifw2.gif w3.gifw3.gifw3.gif w4.gifw4.gifw4.gif
12 All Honors Hand is composed entirely of only honor tiles.
e1.gife1.gife1.gif e2.gife2.gife2.gif w2.gifw2.gifw2.gif w3.gifw3.gifw3.gif w4.gifw4.gif
16 Heavenly Hand Winning as the dealer on the initial deal. Going Out
16 Earthly Hand Winning on a self-drawn tile in the very first go-around. Going Out
16 Blessing of Man Player goes out on a discard in the first go around. Hand must be concealed. Going Out
24 Nine Gates Holding a concealed hand of 1112345678999 tiles in one suit, and winning on any other tile of the same suit. Special
0~1-5-10 Winning Bonus A winning bonus of two is common though it can vary from as little as one to some who award it generously with 5 points. This is doubled if the player wins with a completely concealed hand.

* These points that do not count toward the minimum requirement
# If someone decleared Open Ready, the other three players cannot decleare Ready(or Open Ready) and vise versa.

Winning Bonus

Type Variation 1 Variation 2 Variation 3 Variation 4 Variation 5
Fully Concealed 10 10 10 10
Concealed 5 5 10 10 0
Not Concealed 1 0 10 5 0
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