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A minimum of one yaku is needed to call for mahjong. After winning add up all the minipoints (fu) and yaku/fan then convert the values using the charts below.

Initial Points

If you are playing casually everyone can start arbitrarily with 25000 points.


A minimum of one yaku is needed before going out. You cannot be furiten when going out. The dealer usually pays more upon losing but on the same token receives more when winning.

  • Win by a discarded tile: Discarder pays winner full score plus values for other players as well.
  • Win by self-drawn tile: All player's pay the value of the winner's hand.

Optional Rules

The following are optional rules regarding criteria to being able to win and other scoring adjustments.

Two Fan Minimum ryanhan shibari (二飜縛り) - When there are five counters out (due to Dealer's consecutive wins or draws) a minimum of two yaku are needed to go out. Dora and red five tiles do not count towards the yaku minimum.
Double Ron - Allowing two players to win on a discard. The discarder pays the full score of both players. Riichi bets go to the next closest player to the discarder. Players who declared riichi are privileged to the ura dora and kan ura dora bonus.
Triple Ron - Allowing three players to win on a discard. (This would normally be considered an abortive hand).
Wareme (割れ目) - The player whose wall is broken at the beginning of a hand scores double if he wins.
Agari Yame - If the dealer wins the final hand and is in first place he may choose to end the game early or to play an extra hand.
8 consecutive deals(八本場) - When the dealer counter becomes 8, the dealer can win on any valid hand and counted yakuman.


Upon scoring, if you have less than five fan in your hand you must add up any fu and follow the values based on the charts below. The minipoints (fu) are then rounded up to the nearest multiple of 10. If you have five or more fan you do not add up any fu directly use the limit hands chart below.

Scoring Table

All patterns below qualify as a yaku and show their fan value. Players who score a yakuman or double yakuman do not count any additional fan. Note that the following is a comprehensive list of yaku, some of which may not be recognize by all players. It should be agreed upon which yaku can be counted before playing.

Value Hand Japanese Description Pattern Type
1 Riichi Riichi (立直) Waiting hand with declaration and 1000 point buy in. Hand must be concealed. Special
1 One Shot Iipatsu (一発) Winning within the first uninterrupted go around after declaring riichi . Special
1 Double Riichi Daburu riichi (ダブルリーチ) Declaring riichi within the first uninterrupted go around. Special
1 Fully Concealed Hand Menzen tsumo (門前清模和) Winning on a self-drawn tile. Hand must be concealed.
z1.gifz1.gifz1.gif z1.gifz1.gifz1.gif z1.gifz1.gifz1.gif z1.gifz1.gifz1.gif z1.gifz1.gif
Going Out
1 All Simples1 Tanyao chuu (断幺) Hand contains all simple tiles.
b2.gifb2.gifb2.gif c3.gifc4.gifc5.gif c4.gifc5.gifc6.gif d8.gifd8.gifd8.gif
1 All Chows2 Pinfu (平和) All chows hand with valueless pairs. The hand must be completed on a chow with a two-sided wait. Hand must be concealed.
b1.gifb2.gifb3.gif b3.gifb4.gifb5.gif d2.gifd3.gifd4.gif d6.gifd7.gifd8.gif c3.gifc3.gif
1 Pure Double Chow Iipeikou (一盃口) Two identical chows. Hand must be concealed.
1 Mixed Triple Chow San shoku doujun (三色同順) Three chows of the same numerical sequence of different suits. +1 if concealed.
b5.gifb6.gifb7.gif c5.gifc6.gifc7.gif d5.gifd6.gifd7.gif
1 Small Three Similar Triplets San shoku shodoukoo (三色小同刻) Two pungs/kong of the same numbers across two different suits and a pair of the same number in the third suit.
b4.gifb4.gifb4.gif c4.gifc4.gifc4.gif d4.gifd4.gif
1 Pure Straight Itsu (一気通貫) Three chows of the numerical sequences from 1-9 of the same suit. +1 if concealed.
b1.gifb2.gifb3.gif b4.gifb5.gifb6.gif b7.gifb8.gifb9.gif
1 Dragon Pung Fanpai/yakuhai (翻牌/役牌) A pung/kong of dragons.
1 Seat/Prevalent Wind Fanpai/yakuhai (翻牌/役牌) A pung/kong of seat or prevalent wind.
1 Outside Hand Chanta (混全帯幺九) Hand contains terminals/honors and one terminal chow. + 1 if concealed.
b1.gifb2.gifb3.gif c7.gifc8.gifc9.gif b9.gifb9.gifb9.gif e1.gife1.gife1.gif
1 Out on a Replacement Rinchan Kaihou (嶺上開花) Winning after drawing a replacement tile. Going Out
1 Robbing the Kong Chan kan (槍槓) Winning on off a tile used to extend a kong. Going Out
1 Last Tile Draw/Discard Haitei/Houtei (海底撈月/河底撈魚) Winning on the very last tile or the following discard. Going Out
2 Open Riichi Oopun riichi (オペン立直) Declaring riichi and revealing the section of his hand that he is waiting to complete. +1 Yakuman if the player wins in a (non-riichi) discard. Going Out
2 Seven Pairs Chii toitsu (七対子) Seven unique pairs. Hand must be concealed.
b6.gifb6.gif b9.gifb9.gif c2.gifc2.gif d5.gifd5.gif d7.gifd7.gif e1.gife1.gif e3.gife3.gif
2 Triple Pung San shoku dokou (三色同刻) Three pungs of different suits.
b3.gifb3.gifb3.gif c3.gifc3.gifc3.gif d3.gifd3.gifd3.gif
2 Pure Shifted Pungs San ren kou (三連刻) Three sequential pungs of same suit.
b3.gifb3.gifb3.gif b4.gifb4.gifb4.gif b5.gifb5.gifb5.gif
2 Three Concealed Pungs San ankou (三暗刻) Three concealed pungs/kongs.
z1.gifz1.gifz1.gif z1.gifz1.gifz1.gif z1.gifz1.gifz1.gif
2 Three Kongs San kan tsu (三槓子) Hand contains three kongs.
b2.gifb2.gifb2.gifb2.gif b5.gifb5.gifb5.gifb5.gif c7.gifc7.gifc7.gifc7.gif
2 All Pungs Toi-toi hou (対々和) Hand contains all pungs/kongs.
d3.gifd3.gifd3.gif b4.gifb4.gifb4.gif d8.gifd8.gifd8.gif e3.gife3.gife3.gif w4.gifw4.gif
2 Half Flush Honitsu (混一色) Hand contains one suit and honor tiles. + 1 if concealed.
d3.gifd3.gifd3.gif d4.gifd5.gifd6.gif d8.gifd8.gifd8.gif e3.gife3.gife3.gif w4.gifw4.gif
2 Little Three Dragons Shou sangen (小三元) Two pungs/kongs and a pair of dragons.
e1.gife1.gife1.gif e2.gife2.gife2.gife3.gife3.gif
2 All Terminals and Honors Honroutou (混老頭) Hand contains all terminals or honors.
b1.gifb1.gifb1.gif c9.gifc9.gifc9.gif e1.gife1.gife1.gif e2.gife2.gife2.gif d1.gifd1.gif
2 Terminals in All Sets Junchan taiyai (純全帯幺九) Hand contains sets with terminal tiles. Hand must contain one terminal chow. +1 if concealed.
b1.gifb2.gifb3.gif c7.gifc8.gifc9.gif b9.gifb9.gifb9.gif d9.gifd9.gifd9.gif d1.gifd1.gif
3 Twice Pure Double Chow Ryan peikou (二盃口) Two times two identical chows. Hand must be concealed.
b3.gifb4.gifb5.gifb3.gifb4.gifb5.gif d7.gifd8.gifd9.gifd7.gifd8.gifd9.gif
5 Full Flush Chinitsu (清一色) Hand contains one suit. +1 if concealed.
b2.gifb2.gifb2.gif b2.gifb3.gifb4.gif b4.gifb5.gifb6.gifb8.gifb8.gifb8.gif b9.gifb9.gif
5 All Terminal and Honor Discards Nagashi Mangan (流し満貫) Only discarding terminal/honor tiles (none claimed). Game ends in a draw. Special
Yakuman Counted Yakuman Kazoe-yakuman (数え役満) A winning hand with 13 or more fan. Special
Yakuman Thirteen Orphans (Impure) Koku shimusou (国士無双) One of each honor/terminal and a pair of honors/terminals.
b1.gifb9.gifc1.gifc9.gifd1.gifd9.gife1.gife2.gife3.gifw1.gifw2.gifw3.gifw4.gif w4.gif
Yakuman Nine Gates (Impure) Chuuren pooto (九連宝灯) 1112345678999 of one suit and a matching tile of the same suit.
c1.gifc1.gifc1.gif c1.gifc2.gifc3.gif c4.gifc5.gifc6.gif c7.gifc8.gifc9.gif c9.gifc9.gif
Yakuman Blessing of Heaven Tenho (天和) East goes out on the initial draw. Hand must be concealed. Going Out
Yakuman Blessing of Earth Chinho (地和) Player goes out in the draw. Hand must be concealed. Going Out
Yakuman Blessing of Man Renho (人和) Player goes out on a discard in the first go around. Hand must be concealed. Going Out
Yakuman Four Concealed Pungs Suu ankou (四暗刻) Four concealed pungs/kongs and a pair.
c6.gifc6.gifc6.gif d3.gifd3.gifd3.gif b9.gifb9.gifb9.gif d7.gifd7.gif e1.gife1.gif d7.gif
Yakuman Four Kongs Suu kan tsu (四槓子) Hand contains four kongs and a pair.
b2.gifb2.gifb2.gifb2.gif b5.gifb5.gifb5.gifb5.gif c7.gifc7.gifc7.gifc7.gif e1.gife1.gife1.gife1.gif d4.gifd4.gif
Yakuman Four Pure Shifted Pungs Suu ren kou (四連刻) Four sequential pungs of same suit.
b2.gifb2.gifb2.gif b3.gifb3.gifb3.gif b4.gifb4.gifb4.gif b5.gifb5.gifb5.gif
Yakuman All Green Ryuu kan tsu (緑一色) Hand consists of 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, of bamboo or Green Dragon tiles.
b2.gifb3.gifb4.gif b3.gifb3.gifb3.gif b4.gifb4.gifb4.gif b6.gifb6.gifb6.gif e1.gife1.gif
Yakuman All Terminals Chinrouto (清老頭) Hand consists of all terminal pungs/kongs and a pair.
b1.gifb1.gifb1.gif b9.gifb9.gifb9.gif d1.gifd1.gifd1.gif c1.gifc1.gifc1.gif c9.gifc9.gif
Yakuman All Honors Tsuu iisou (字一色]) Hand consists of all honor pungs/kongs and a pair.
e1.gife1.gife1.gif e2.gife2.gife2.gif w2.gifw2.gifw2.gif w3.gifw3.gifw3.gif w4.gifw4.gif
Yakuman Big Three Dragons Dai sangen (大三元) Hand consists of three pungs/kongs of dragons.
Yakuman Little Four Winds Shoo suushii (小四喜) Hand consists of three pungs/kong of winds and a pair of winds.
w1.gifw1.gifw1.gif w2.gifw2.gifw2.gif w3.gifw3.gifw3.gifw4.gifw4.gif
Yakuman Thirteen Unrelated Tiles Shiisanbudoo (十三不塔) East going out on the initial draw with twelve tiles that have no potential of being melded. The last two tiles are a pair.
Going Out
Yakuman The Big Wheel Daisharin (大車輪) Seven consecutive pairs from 2 through 8 of the same suit.
Yakuman Quadruple Chow Hand includes four chows of the same numerical sequences in the same suit.
b5.gifb6.gifb7.gif b5.gifb6.gifb7.gif b5.gifb6.gifb7.gif b5.gifb6.gifb7.gif
Yakuman Dealer’s Consecutive Wins Paa renchan (八連荘) Dealer wins eight consecutive hands. Going Out
Double Yakuman Big Four Winds Dai suushii (大四喜) Hand consists of four pungs/kongs of winds.
w1.gifw1.gifw1.gif w2.gifw2.gifw2.gif w3.gifw3.gifw3.gif w4.gifw4.gifw4.gif
Double Yakuman Nine Gates (Pure) Chuuren pooto (純正九蓮) Concealed 1112345678999 of one suit and a matching tile of the same suit with 9-sided wait.
c1.gifc1.gifc1.gif c1.gifc2.gifc3.gif c4.gifc5.gifc6.gif c7.gifc8.gifc9.gif c9.gifc9.gif
Double Yakuman Four Concealed Pungs with Single Wait Suu ankou tanki (四暗刻単騎) Four concealed pungs/kongs and a pair with unique wait.
c6.gifc6.gifc6.gif d3.gifd3.gifd3.gif b9.gifb9.gifb9.gif d7.gifd7.gifd7.gif e1.gif e1.gif
Double Yakuman Thirteen Orphans (Pure) Koku shimusou (国士十三面待ち) One of each honor/terminal and a pair of honors/terminals with a 13-sided wait.
b1.gifb9.gifc1.gifc9.gifd1.gifd9.gife1.gife2.gife3.gifw1.gifw2.gifw3.gifw4.gif w4.gif

Note 1: Open Tanyao (Kuitan) is a variation on All Simples allowing the hand to be opened

Note 2: Tsumo Pinfu is a variation on All Chows limiting the hand to only be won on tsumo


Minipoints for sets Open Concealed
Pung of simples 2 4
Pung of terminals/honors 4 8
Kong of simples 8 16
Kong of terminals/honors 16 32
When going out
Pair of dragons 2
Pair of seat/prevalent wind 2
Edge, closed, single wait 2
Self-draw (not in case of pinfu) 2
Open pinfu 2
For winning
Concealed hand 30
Seven pairs (no futher minipoints) 25
Open hand and/or self-drawn 20

East wins

East on self-drawn (tsumo)
Tsumo 1 fan 2 fan 3 fan 4 fan
20 700 1300 2600
25 1600 3200
30 500 1000 1300 3900
40 700 1300 1300 4000
50 800 1600 1300 4000
60 1000 2000 1300 4000
70 1200 2300 1300 4000
80 1300 2600 1300 4000
90 1500 2900 1300 4000
100 1600 3200 1300 4000
East on a discard (ron)
Ron 1 fan 2 fan 3 fan 4 fan
25 2400 4800 9600
30 1500 2900 5800 11600
40 2000 3900 7700 12000
50 2400 4800 9600 12000
60 2900 5800 11600 12000
70 3400 6800 12000 12000
80 3900 7700 12000 12000
90 4400 8700 12000 12000
100 4800 9600 12000 12000

Non-East player wins

Others on a self-draw (tsumo)
Tsumo 1 fan 2 fan 3 fan 4 fan
Others Dealer Others Dealer Others Dealer Others Dealer
20 400 700 700 1300 1300 2600
25 800 1600 1600 3200
30 300 500 500 1000 1000 2000 2000 3900
40 400 700 700 1300 1300 2600 2000 4000
50 400 800 800 1600 1600 3200 2000 4000
60 500 1000 1000 2000 2000 3900 2000 4000
70 600 1200 1200 2300 2000 4000 2000 4000
80 700 1300 1300 2600 2000 4000 2000 4000
90 800 1500 1500 2900 2000 4000 2000 4000
100 800 1600 1600 3200 2000 4000 2000 4000
Others on a discard (ron)
Ron 1 fan 2 fan 3 fan 4 fan
25 1600 3200 6400
30 1000 2000 3900 7700
40 1300 2600 5200 8000
50 1600 3200 6400 8000
60 2000 3900 7700 8000
70 2300 4500 8000 8000
80 2600 5200 8000 8000
90 3900 5800 8000 8000
100 3200 6400 8000 8000

Limit Hands

Limit hands
Hand Fan East Others Dealer
Mangan 5 4000 2000 4000
Haneman 6-7 6000 3000 6000
Baiman 8-10 8000 4000 8000
Sanbaiman 11-12 12000 6000 12000
Yakuman 13+ 16000 8000 16000


Example 1

Consider the following example. East (東) round; South (南) position; Dora: b6.gif. Ura-Dora: d8.gif.

b6.gifb6.gif c1.gifc2.gifc3.gifc4.gifc5.gifc6.gifc7.gifc8.gif d1.gifd1.gifd1.gif c9.gif
pair waiting on 3-6-9 concealed pung self-drawn
Dora (x2) 2 fan
Fully Concealed (menzen tsumo) 1 fan
Full Straight (itsuu) 2 fan
5 fan
Payment 2000/4000

Since the value is 5 fan we can skip counting the minipoints (fu) and go directly to the limit hands table. A self-drawn 5 fan hand (mangan) receives 4000 from the dealer and 2000 from each non-dealer (total of 8000).

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