Filipino Scoring
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Initial Points

Since Filipino Mahjong is played for money, there are no initial points.


The winning hand must have five sets and a pair or be the Seven Pairs hand.


  • Win by a discarded tile: Other players pay the full value, discarder pays winner double.
  • Win by self-drawn tile: All players pay double the full value of the winner's hand.

Scoring Table

Value Hand Description Type
$1.00 Winning Automatically awarded upon completing a hand. Going Out
$.25 All Chows Hand consists of only sequences. Chow-based
$.25 All Pungs Hand consists of only pungs/kongs. Pung-based
$.25 Concealed Hand Hand contains no open melds. Going Out
$.25 All Revealed All sets are visible and waiting to complete the pair. Going Out
$.25 Quick Win Winning within 5 discards. Going Out
$.25 Back to Back Waiting on two pairs. Going Out
$.25 Difficult Wait Waiting on an edge/middle/single tile. Going Out
$.50 Pure Straight Hand consists of three chows, 1-9 in the same suit. Chow-based
$.50 Full Flush Hand contains only one suit. Suit-based
$.50 Seven Pairs Hand contains seven pairs plus a pung. Special

Instant Payments
These payments are given right away, without needing a win declared.

Value Hand Description Type
$.25 Thirteen Flowers Hand contains thirteen flower tiles Special
$.25 No Flowers Hand contains no flowers. Awarded at deal and at win. Special
$.25 Open Kong Hand contains an open kong. Kong-based
$.50 Concealed Kong Hand contains a concealed kong. Kong-based
$.50 Extended Kong A pung which has been extended into a kong. Kong-based


Example 1

Consider the following example. East (東) round; South (南) position.

c1.gifc1.gif d3.gifd4.gifd5.gif b6.gifb7.gifb8.gif b7.gifb8.gif c2.gifc3.gifc4.gif d7.gifd8.gifd9.gif f3.giff4.gifw1.gifw2.gifw4.gif b9.gif
pair concealed chow concealed chow waiting on 6-9 melded chow melded chow flower tiles out on
Winning $1.00
All Chows $.25

The hand earns $1.00 for winning. An additional $.25 are earned for All Chows.
The responsible player will pay double the value of the hand, $2.50.
The others will pay $1.25.
Total winnings: $5.00.


In the case of two or more winners, the player nearest the discarder in turn-order is the winner.

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