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Chinese Official rules has been existence for about a decade, developed for the the purpose of international tournament play. The following rules will explain how to play the game, omitting tournament-specific rules, penalties, and other related matters. The CO rules section is adapted from the Mahjong Competition Rules.


The following gameplay sections differ or further clarify rules from the beginner's guide.


During the game a player may call to complete any one of the following sets:

  • Chow: Claimed from the player to your left or for mahjong.
  • Pung: Claimed from any player.
  • Kong: Claimed from any player. A replacement tile is drawn afterward.
  • Concealed and Small Melded Kong: Announced only after drawing a tile (i.e. not after claiming a tile). A replacement tile is drawn afterward.
  • Flower: Announced immediately during opening hand. A replacement tile is drawn afterward. Flowers may be kept in the hand to be declared for later use or discarded. If the flower is kept in the hand it can only be declared on a turn where a tile is drawn from the wall (i.e. not after claiming a tile). 4

Arrangement of Tiles

Discards are arranged on the floor in front of their respective discarder in rows of six, placed left to right.

Tiles claimed are rotated 90 degrees within the set to show which player had discarded it.

Example 1


3-character is claimed from the person to our left.

Example 2


5-dot is claimed from the person across from us.

Concealed Kongs.

A concealed kong of 3-dots.

Displayed face down, none of the tiles are revealed.

Post Hand

When a player declares “hu” and all the points have been scored for the hand the deal passes. If no player declares “hu” after the the tiles in the wall are exhausted and the last discard has been made the hand ends in draw. No points are earned and the deal passes to the player to the right. If the last tile is used as a replacement tile no discard is made. All concealed kongs are also revealed at this point.

Post Round

At the end of four hands (a round) players will switch seats to ensure that you have the ability to chow from each player by the end of the game.

East Player Rotation E S W N (right, across, left)
South Player Rotation S E W N (left, across, right)
West Player Rotation W N E S (clockwise)
North Player Rotation N W S E (counter-clockwise)

Post Game

At the end of four rounds (a complete game) or when the allotted time has run out, the players' match points for the game are added up to determine their total scores. The first place is awarded 4 tables points; second place is awarded 2; third place is awarded 1; fourth place is awarded 0.

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