Robbing The Kong

Robbing the Kong (搶槓)occurs by winning off the tile that an opponent adds to a melded pung.

Robbing the kong occurs when you win off of an opponent's tile that is used to promote a melded pung into a small melded kong. For example, you have 2- and 4-bamboo and are waiting on the 3 in order to win. Your opponent currently has a pung of 3-bamboo melded. He subsequently draws another 3-bamboo with such luck and declares a kong. Unbeknownst to him this is the tile you need and you declare mahjong. Your mahjong trumps his kong as the 3-bamboo completes your hand. This is what it means to rob a kong.

Robbing a concealed kong is not allowed. In some rules (e.g. Riichi Competition Rules) robbing a concealed kong is allowable if it can complete a Thirteen Orphans hand.


  • CC: 1 double
  • CO: 8 points
  • JM: 1 han
  • ZJ: 10 points

Also known as

  • JM: Late Ron Kan Chan Kan [槍槓]
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