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About this site

Mahjong wiki is a wiki dedicated to the four player tile game. It was launched on February 7, 2008 with a goal to become a English resource for everything mahjong. The site's content focuses on popular rule sets played throughout the world. It is written in fashion that the reader has a basic understanding of mahjong. If not, the basic rules section is a good primer and place to start.

Conventions used on MJ wiki

If you have played mahjong before or are familiar with game MJ Wiki has a few conventions used throughout the site that you should be aware of. These conventions refer to the terminology that is used (which may differ from what you are used to as terminology differs from region to region). MJ Wiki adopts western terminology but will include analogous and foreign terms that have no direct translation as well. The glossary has more on that.

Suit Name Shorthand Abbr. Sets
b1.gif Bamboo bam B Chow - a sequence
c1.gif Character crack C Pung - three identical tiles
d1.gif Dot dot D Kong - four identical tiles
w1.gif East E Pair - two identical tiles
e1.gif Green dragon (named after the color)

How this site is organized

The wiki's main content are the rule sets. A sub set of the contents are categories, which include material that is not necessarily rules-related.

Getting Started

  • Why Should I Play Mahjong? - Benefits of playing mahjong.

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Playing Mahjong

  • The Basics - Gameplay basics containing instructions on playing mahjong without the use of scoring.
  • Basic Strategy - General strategy to most to all forms of mahjong.

Mahjong Styles

  • Specific Rules - List of specific styles of mahjong. Scoring, penalties and other nuances are introduced.

Future Expansion

Mahjong Wiki would like to expand to include history and symbolism, articles on mahjong in multimedia (movies, manga, anime), tournaments and their results, online play and mahjong software… As you can see there's a lot of room to grow. If you would like to contribute click here to join.

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