Yahoo! Games Mahjong
Yahoo! Games Mahjong
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Created by Yahoo!
Subscription Free
Gambling No
Rules Chinese Classical (Variation)

Yahoo! Mahjong is a popular place to play where you'll always find enough players. The graphics are primative and some of the scoring is watered down (i.e. no kong on kong). Who can complain? It's free!

Many players will impose restrictions on the gameplay, as a sort of ‘house rules’, to make the game more challenging. You'll recognize this lingo as players will type abbreviations like ‘3f’ short for 3 fan requirement when sitting down at the table. Players may also get nasty if you take too long.

Table Options

Upon creating a new table you have the option to play with flowers and seasons and the ability to set the limit amount (from 1 to 65,536).

New features such as 16-tile mahjong and sacred discard are currently being developed. These options are listed but not selectable.


Going out 20
Melded pung of simples 2
Concealed pung of simples 4
Melded pung of terminals 4
Concealed pung of terminals 8
Melded pung of honors 4
Concealed pung of honors 8
Melded kong of simples 16
Concealed kong of simples 32
Melded kong of terminals 16
Concealed kong of terminals 32
Melded kong of honors 16
Concealed kong of honors 32
Pair of prevailing wind 2
Pair of seat wind 2
Pair of dragons 2
Self draw 2
Single chance tile 2
Flower or season 4
All terminals limit
All honors limit
Pung of dragons x2
Pung of prevailing wind x2
Pung of seat wind x2
Four pungs x2
Out on last tile x2
Out on a replacement tile x2
No point hand x2
All terminals and honors x2
Half flush x2
Full flush x8
Flower or season of own wind x2
All flowers x8
All seasons x8

Scoring follows Chinese Classical closely with the exception of a few scoring elements such special hands and kong on kong.


Veteran players play fast so beware. Disruption to the rhythm of the game may lead to getting you booted (ejected) from the table. If you are the host of the table, on the other hand, it may lead to players voluntarily standing up (leaving) and finding a different table to play at.

It is common for players impose restrictions and specify a number of fan required to call mahjong. This is played as a sort of "house rules" due to the fact that a fan requirement feature is not built into the game.

System Requirements

  • Java Enabled Browser (e.g. Netscape Navigator 4+, Internet Explorer 4+)
  • Yahoo! ID

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