Mahjong Online Ranking System Europe

Mahjong Online Ranking System Europe (MORSE) was the European Mahjong Association’s (EMA) ranking system for online Chinese Official tournaments. In early 2007 a three-year partnership was signed between and the EMA to hold these exclusive, sanctioned tournaments.1 In late 2007, MahjongTime held their first ranked tournament, the first Online Open European Mahjong Championship (OEMC)2. Each sanctioned tournament was worth 1 or 2 MORSE points; the former for national tournaments and the latter reserved for international (i.e. OEMC).

Partnership with MahjongTime

Days prior to the 2009 GMO tournament, MahjongTime canceled the event. Since there was no communication between MahjongTime to the EMA about the cancellation, the EMA decided to end their partnership. In November 2009, the MORSE ranking system was discontinued, as the EMA ended their partnership MahjongTime.34 In January 2010, the MORSE was reinstated but maintained by the EMA.56

Ranking Calculation

MORSE follows closely to its counterpart MERS (Mahjong Europe Ranking System for live tournaments). Each player is ranked on a scale between 0 and 1000, with 0 being in last place, 500 being in the middle, and 1000 being in first.

  1. Find the number of players n
  2. Determine where you placed (the number of players you've beaten) p.
  3. Divide by (number of players minus 1).
  4. Then multiply by 1000

$\frac{n - p}{n -1} \times 1000 =$base rank

Since OEMC is worth 2 points we can take a weight average of the base ranks.

  1. Find your base rank of the OEMC tournament and multiply by 2
  2. Find your base rank of the Non-OEMC tournament
  3. Sum the tournaments
  4. Divide by number of sum of the MORSE points

$\frac{(2 \times OEMC + NonOEMC)}{(2+1)} =$ weighted average rank.

MORSE Tournaments

List of Tournaments:

  • Open European Mahjong Championship (OEMC) 2007, 2008, 2009
  • Open Hungarian Championship (OHMC) 2008, 2009
  • Open French Mahjong Championship (OFMC) 2008, 2009
  • Open Online Dutch Championship (OODC) 2008, 2009
  • German Online Open (GMO) 2008

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