Mahjong Taikai
Mahjong Taikai
Publisher(s) KOEI
Designer(s) KOEI
Platform(s) Nintendo DS
Playstation Portable
Nintendo Wii
Release date(s) jp.png Dec. 20, 2004
Genre(s) Board Game
Mode(s) Single Player
Rating(s) CERO A

Mahjong Taikai is also known as Mahjong Tourament and is one of the more popular mahjong video games. It was later re-released KOEI The Best 麻雀大会 Mahjong tournament January 24, 2007.


Five stages of play in Survival mode. There is also a customizable Free Play mode and Battle modes.

Beginner-friendly features

Mahjong Taikai includes a glossary and assistance playing tiles and discarding risky tiles.

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