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Mahjong films are a subgenre of gambling films in which Mahjong games and over-the-top tile-playing skills are important plot elements. The movie can be either a comedy or an action movie (occasionally with distinctive elements of Chinese kung fu). Almost all these films are produced in Hong Kong and they are often released during the Chinese New Year. Mahjong movies are very popular, particularly in some Asian countries.


Some mahjong films (unless otherwise specified, the followings are Hong Kong films):

  • Kung Fu Mahjong 3: The Final Duel 雀聖3自摸三百番 (2007)
  • Bet To Basic 打雀英雄傳 (2006)
  • Kung Fu Mahjong 2 雀聖2自摸天后 (2005)
  • Kung Fu Mahjong 雀聖 (2005)
  • Teenage Gambler 少年賭聖 (2003)
  • Fat Choi Spirit 嚦咕嚦咕新年財 (2002)
  • Mahjong Dragon 麻雀飛龍 (1996)
  • Why, Why, Tell Me Why? 壞女孩 (1986)
  • Mahjong Horoki 麻雀放浪記 (1984, Japanese film)
  • Mahjong Heroes 打雀英雄傳 (1981)
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