This page is dedicated to on-site images.

Inserting Images

Single images

To insert an image into the page use the following syntax:

 [[image image-source attribute1="value1" attribute2="value2" ...]]
And here is the list of allowed attributes:
attribute name allowed values example value description
link wiki page name or URL "wiki-page"
makes image a link to another page or web address; this is ignored when using Flickr as a source; prepend the link with '*' to make it open in a new window
alt any string "a photo of me" text substitution when image not available
width number of pixels "200px" forces width of a image when displaying
height number of pixels "200px" forces height of a image when displaying
style valid CSS style definition "border: 1px solid red; padding: 2em;" adds extra CSS style to the image
class CSS class "mystyle" forces the image CSS class -
suggested use only with customized themes
size "square" - 75x75 pixels
"thumbnail" - 100 on longest side
"small" - 240 on longest side
"medium" - 500 on longest side
"large" - 1024 on longest side (only for Flickr large images)
"original" - original image (Flickr only)
any of allowed ;-) displays a resized image; great for thumbnails
if flickr is the source it pulls required size from a Flickr server;
this option has effect only on local images or Flickr images

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