Formatting Conventions

For those who want to contribute to MJ Wiki we would like to lay down a couple of rules and conventions so that our work can become a unitary site.

Spelling of “Mahjong”

For all intents and purposes we will keep it simple and spell it without a space or hyphen when referring to the game. The only exception to this is when it is spelled differently in proper nouns.

Adding New Rules

If you are going to add a new rules page please make sure there is enough substance to justify doing so. At the moment our current structure is broken down into these pages:
* Overview (explains the rules background, and any other information)
* Gameplay(explains how to play the game)
* Scoring (lists of scoring elements, fan, or hands)
* Penalties & Errors (list of penalties, fouls, or errors)
* Resources (external links and citations)


In order for users to navigate the site with ease please start off each page with the name of the rule when dealing with specific rule sets. See the templates for additional examples.

Inserting Tile Graphics

Please do not attach tile graphics as images! Instead feel free to upload and link pictures from our image directory. The code to insert an image is:

[[image img/x.gif]]

Where x is the file name. The file extension will always be .gif.

File Names

The file name will start with one letter prefix followed by a number. For example 5-bamboo is named b5.gif.

Tile Prefix
Bamboos (#1-9) b#.gif
Characters (#1-9) c#.gif
Dots (#1-9) d#.gif
Dragons (1=Green, 2=Red, 3=White) e#.gif
Flowers (#1-4) f#.gif
Seasons (#1-4) s#.gif
Winds (1=East, 2=South, 3=West, 4=North) w#.gif
Blank z1.gif
Joker z2.gif
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