Clear Mahjong
Clear Mahjong
Length {$length}
Tiles Used
Wall 136 tiles
Hand 13 tiles
Dead Wall 14 tiles
System Yaku
Unit Fu, Han/Yaku
Minimum 1 Yaku
Maximum Yakuman
Payout Winner only

Clear Mahjong described here is adapted from Fukomoto's Ten. The game is a race between two teams of two players to complete each of five yaku at least once.


It is a variation on Japanese mahjong. In the final showdown between East and West, Clear Mahjong (with no exchange of points) is proposed by Ten. Harada accepts these rules with the condition that points are used alongside Clear Mahjong.



Bams Cracks Dots Winds Dragons Flowers Seasons Jokers Red tiles
Tiles used 15px-Yes_check.svg.png 15px-Yes_check.svg.png 15px-Yes_check.svg.png 15px-Yes_check.svg.png 15px-Yes_check.svg.png 15px-X_mark.svg.png 15px-X_mark.svg.png 15px-X_mark.svg.png 15px-X_mark.svg.png
  • 136 tiles
  • Scoring sticks
  • 2 dice


chi (chow)
A sequence of three.
pon (pung)
Three of a kind.
kan (kong)
Four of a kind.
A tile which is worth one additional han.
Win on a discarded tile.
Unit of scoring
a two-round game
Unit of scoring (minipoints)
Win on a self-drawn tile.
Miss win.
Waiting on a tile to win.
A severe penalty.
Hand pattern necessary to go out on.


The two players from each team will sit next to each other.


Tiles are then dealt accordingly to each player. The wall will be 17 tiles in length. The last 14 tiles are set aside as the dead wall.

Dora Indicator

The third tile from the end of the dead wall is turn face up. This tile indicates which tile is dora.


Clear Mahjong is a race to complete each of five two han yaku at least once.

  • Ikkitsukan (3 chows of 1-2-3, 4-5-6 and 7-8-9)
  • Sanshoku Doujun (3 chows of 3 different suits of the same numerical sequence)
  • Chanta (All four sets and the pair contain a terminal or honor)
  • Chiitoitsu (Seven Pairs)
  • San'ankou (3 concealed pungs)

In addition, each player starts the han-chan with 25,000 points. These points carry over to the next han-chan if necessary (i.e. if a player finishes a han-chan with 500 points, he will start the next han-chan with 500 points).


The first team to complete each yaku at least once wins the game. However, if any player drops below zero points, then his side loses instantly. If a team meets both of these conditions in the same hand, then the game is drawn.

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