List of books on mahjong (English)

  • Barr, Jenn. Reach Mahjong: The Only Way to Play. Huntington Press: 2009. ISBN 193539634X.
  • Headley, Gwyn. Mah-Jong (Know the Game). A & C Black Publishers Ltd. 2008. ISBN 071368951X.
  • Kanai, Shozo. Mah Jong for Beginners. Turtle Publishing: 1952. ISBN 0804803919.
  • Kingstone, Kim. World Mahjong: Essence. World Mahjong Federation: 2007. ISBN 8974424401.
  • Lo, Amy. The Book of Mah Jong: An Illustrated Guide. Tuttle Publishing: 2001. ISBN 0804833028.
  • Miller, Scott D. Mahjong from A to Zhú. Psionic Press: 2013. Paperback ISBN 978-1-105-65498-5. Hardcover ISBN 978-1-300-09202-5.
  • Millington, A. D. The Complete Book of Mah-Jongg. A. Barker: 1977. ISBN 0213166224.
  • Perlmen, Samuel. The Chinese Game of Mahjong. Book Marketing: 1979. ISBN 9622110177.
  • Prichard, David. The New Mahjong: International Game. Elliot Right Way Books, 2004. ISBN 0716021641.
  • Pritchard, David. Teach Yourself Mahjong. Teach Yourself Books: 2008. ISBN 0071478825.
  • Rep, Jelte. The Great Mahjong Book. Tokyo: Tuttle Publishing, 2007. ISBN 0804837198.
  • Sandberg, Elaine. Beginner's Guide to American Mah Jongg. Tuttle Publishing, 2007. ISBN 080483878X.
  • Sloper, Tom. The Red Dragon & The West Wind. New York: Collins, 2007. ISBN 0061233943.
  • Strauser, Kitty. Mah Jong, Anyone?: A Manual of Western Play. Tuttle Publishing, 2006. ISBN 0804837619.
  • Thompson, Patricia A. Improve Your Mah Jong. Australia: Simon & Schuster, 2000. ISBN 0684872056.
  • Thompson, Patricia A. The Game of Mah Jong Illustrated. Australia: Simon & Schuster, 1999. ISBN 0684868431.
  • Thompson, Patricia A. The Mah Jong Player’s Companion. Australia: Simon & Schuster, 2001. ISBN 0743212886.
  • Whitney, Eleanor Noss. A Mahjong Handbook: How to Play, Score, and Win. Tuttle Publishing, 2007. ISBN 0804838747.
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