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What is Mahjong Wiki?
Mahjong Wiki is a collaborative resource for all knowledge dealing with the four-player tile game mahjong. This strives to be the first English wiki site dedicated to mahjong. To begin browsing, select a topic from the left-hand side or top navigation menus.

If you would like to help us build the site, you can get started by joining by registering with wikidot – it’s simple and free. We have established our own set of formatting conventions, so be sure to read them.



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New to Mahjong?
The mahjong that is mentioned refers to the four-player game and not the tile matching solitaire. It is usually compared to the card game rummy because they share some similarities. However, mahjong is played all over the world, so many variations exist — just as many variations of poker exist. Learn more...
Let's Begin
The majority of the site focuses on rules and gameplay and is tailored to new players who want to know more about the game.

Hopefully we will add articles on the history and cultural aspects of mahjong in the future.

To begin, read through the Gameplay Basics section to get an idea of how to play. When you are comfortable enough to learn more head over to one of the Specific Rules.

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